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Centralized Control For C Store Owners

Envoy Retail ("ER") is a convenience store back office software solution designed specifically with convenience retailers in mind and works with virtually any POS. Envoy Retail is designed to centrally control every aspect of retail operations from a home office while automating the daily books and store paperwork / store management operations. Envoy Retail supports advanced features like automated suggested reordering, EDI ordering, rules based user defined exception notifications and reporting, user defined store daily task list, drill down reporting, pivot reporting, custom report designer, automatic POS polling to support real time data, and business intelligence. Envoy Retail does it all while providing anywhere access via the web. For the best convenience store pos software, check out Envoy Retail today!

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Convenience Store Management Software

A Global Leader in Convenience Store Back Office Software

Envoy Retail is the leading global convenience store back office software with installations in 50+ countries. Over 20 years of convenience operations rules are encapsulated in Envoy's business processes. Some of the leading features of Envoy. The system is designed to control every aspect of retail operations for convenience store companies with multiple locations.

Envoy Retail provides a central headquarters control point for all store automation technology and store data collection / processing through 2-way communications to the store’s Point-of-Sale systems, hand-held scanners, EDI, and other sources.

Envoy Retail includes, fuel and inventory management, price book, daily book, time and attendance, automated exception reporting and alerting, general ledger with A/P and A/R, graphical analysis with drill-down to transactions, user defined exceptions, end user report designer, business intelligence, and over 700 predefined reports.

Envoy Retail supports multiple operational business structures such as company owned & operated, dealer owned & operated, and franchise business operations. Depending on your operational environment, each store can have as much or as little operational control as necessary, and all managed from a single instance of Envoy. If you're looking for easy to use convenience store software, you're in the right place!

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A Complete Convenience Store Back Office Software Solution

Envoy Retail comes as a complete back office solution. Unlike most competing software, critical modules required to produce a truly functional back office are not "extra". Modules included in Envoy Retail are:

  • Headquarters Office
  • Merchandise Sales Management
  • Fuel Sales Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Price Book Management
  • Daily Books / Retail Site Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable / Purchasing
  • Employee Time clock / PR
  • General Ledger
  • Customizable User Defined Reporting
  • Alert / Exception manager
  • Business Intelligence / KPI measuring
  • Handheld scanner integration
  • Third Party Accounting System Integration Designer
Key features of each module follow below
  • Control site behavior centrally from headquarters office
  • Control which vendors may deliver to which stores
  • Control which vendors may deliver which products
  • Control which items go to which stores
  • Control which prices go to which stores and at what times
  • Control how and at what cost items are received
  • Control competitor surveys at each store
  • Control which tasks are completed at which stores and it which sites
  • Control what each user accesses at each site
  • Control which employees may work at each site
  • Define all end of day tolerances by store and prevent close until resolved
  • Infinite user defined site grouping ability
  • Select different POS for each site if needed
  • Review and edit data collected from sites at headquarters office on and exception basis
  • Automatically request missing POS business days
  • Accommodates multiple UPC/PLU’s per product SKU and multiple UOM per item
  • Accommodates multiple suppliers and multiple Supplier UOM per supplier item
  • Assign retail price and cost by UPC/PLU by store
  • Reallocate unidentified item sales from POS to correct UPC
  • Interfaces to hand-held scanners for direct store delivery (DSD) and physical inventory counts
  • Accommodates fast food & deli sales through advanced recipe management
  • Create local items at the store for upload to the central office
  • Create credit items and link them to store items (bottle returns)
  • Tracks merchandise inventory, sales, profits, deliveries & turnover
  • Features multi-level user defined inventory hierarchy
  • Automatically generates product re-order reports
  • Reports on inventory over/short, shrinkage, spoilage & exceptions
  • Tracks inventory valuation by item
  • Accommodates multiple product types
  • Accommodates blended fuels
  • Accepts manual dip entries by decimal or fraction
  • Accommodates fuel on consignment & dealer commissions
  • Automatically tracks fuel inventory, sales, profits & deliveries
  • Accepts fuel deliveries at Gross and Net volumes
  • Supports multi-level fuel pricing (4 price levels per fuel grade)
  • Fuel costing by product by store
  • Reports on fuel over/short, fuel movement & fuel adjustments
  • Accommodates different fuel tank configurations
  • Features user defined tank conversion table
  • Accommodates maximum & minimum fuel tank volumes for fuel re-order
  • Provides suggested re-order volumes by fuel type
  • Features fuel temperature control for precise inventory tracking
  • Handles unlimited # of fuel pump dispensers
  • Accommodates multi-product dispensers
  • Automatically adjusts fuel inventory for pump tests
  • Collects competitor fuel price data and allows action to be taken (example - match price)
  • Supports time of day fuel pricing
  • Accommodates multiple suppliers per product
  • Store items (by UPC &/or PLU)
  • Group SKU (for department or category sales)
  • Combo products (ex. Coke, hotdog & chips for $3.99)
  • Recipes (ham sandwich, pizza, hotdog etc.
  • Ingredients (ham, bread, cheese, pepperoni etc.)
  • Assign min./max. GP% & stock guidelines by product
  • Features advanced reorder module
  • Use reorder wizard to select products by supplier, inventory hierarchy, or cost group
  • Create unlimited user-defined reorder codes based on past sales performance
  • Assign reorder codes by UPC/PLU item
  • Set "Event" reorder codes for promotions and specials
  • Specify supplier Lead Time and Delivery Frequency by supplier by store
  • Assign Min, Max, and Safety Stock levels
  • Complete central office Price Book control
  • Price Book wizard for retail price changes and supplier cost changes
  • Price changes by UPC, PLU, SKU, Combo Products and by UOM (Units of Measure)
  • Price maintenance by user defined cost/ price groups, inventory levels and store groups
  • Date & time based price changes, including happy hour pricing
  • Includes detailed exception reporting
  • Features advanced user defined promotions.
  • Unlimited promotion types available
  • Combos
  • Mix/ match
  • 2 for 1
  • Buy quantity x get quantity y free
  • Buy x or y, get z
  • Automated polling of retail sites
  • Accommodates both dealer operated and company operated stores
  • Interfaces to 20+ POS devices
  • Create user-defined store groups for advanced reporting and price changes
  • Organize stores according to a Geographic hierarchy (for taxes, supplier lead time and delivery frequency, etc.) or a Corporate hierarchy (for sales and accounting)
  • Use templates to quickly copy fuel setup, item prices, and item costs between stores
  • Create Characteristic Codes and assign such items as age, hours, food stamps, coupons, etc. to UPC/PLU items and stores
  • Use of hand held scanner facilitates receiving of merchandise, physical counts and inventory adjustments
  • Transfer inventory from store to store
  • Track sales by shift or day
  • Complete shift by shift & day end reconciliation
  • User defined methods of payment types
  • Unlimited user defined payins & payouts
  • Links "Payment from Till" deliveries from POS to DSD
  • Define end of day close tolerances at Headquarters Office for each store
  • Unlimited User Defined Chart of Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Supports Manual & Automatic General Ledger Entries
  • Complete Financial Statement Generator
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Complete Accounts Receivable module
  • Complete Receivables Listing
  • Aged Receivable Summary
  • Customer Statement Generation Capabilities
  • Complete accounts payable module
  • Complete purchasing module
  • Full receiving control lets you receive at the cost from Price Book, cost from supplier invoice, or the lower of the two
  • Track supplier claimed vs. actual quantity and cost
  • Complete supplier invoice entry module, including supplier invoice matching
  • Features 1 Way and 3 Way invoice matching
  • Complete purchase order module
  • EDI ordering and receiving capabilities
  • Complete supplier maintenance, including payment terms
  • Highly advanced and configurable Computer Assisted Order (CAO) generation
  • Generates payments & checks automatically
  • Create employees and assign characteristics
  • Assign unique PIN for each employee
  • Employees can be assigned to multiple stores
  • Enter and track time sheet entries of hours worked
  • Features Punch Clock screen for easy punch-in/out
  • Pay employees based on hours worked or setup “award” codes for special dollar payments
  • Optional store-level payroll module accommodates fixed salary, hourly wages, overtime wages & user defined deductions
  • Features a wide range of built-in reports for fuel, inventory, pricing, movement, exceptions, commission/royalty, and more
  • Reports are dynamic, allowing users to range store, product, category, date, etc.
  • Print reports to screen, printer, or a variety of electronic file formats including MS Excel, PDF, text, and more
  • Deliver scheduled reports via email
  • Features easy to use widely used standard built-in report designer for custom report building
  • Create any alert on any table in the Envoy system
  • Built in designer aides in alert building
  • Most common alerts preloaded
  • Receive alerts via email or text
  • Quickly identify both fuel and merchandise margin exceptions (higher and lower) with user defined color coded tools
  • Export exceptions for data sharing
  • Review any period and any store or group of stores
  • Drill directly from the exception
  • Comprehensive pivot views of store day data
  • Automatically graph data by simply highlighting the data
  • Can be viewed for single store on single date or multiple stores for multiple dates
  • Drill into each aspect to the lowest level detail
  • Export filtered or non-filtered data to Excel and others
  • Desk top widgets to display key metrics
  • User defined KPI values for measuring key metrics
  • Market Basket analysis
  • SAP R3
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
  • Sage MAS 200
  • Sage MAS 90
  • Peach Tree
  • QuickBooks
  • DM2
  • AIMS
  • Generic ASCII
  • Generic XML

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