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Back Office and Accounting for Multi-Store and Single Store 

Envoy Cloud is Envoy Retail and Envoy Accounting offered in a software-as-a-service ("SaaS") delivery model. All the same great features of both, but hosted in DataMax's datacenter. Envoy Cloud is not a 'lite' version. It is a full featured installation of one of the most powerful, feature rich, and globally deployed convenience store back offices on the market today, along with our newest edition to the Envoy family - Envoy Accounting. All you need is an internet connection and you are set to use this thin client option. Best of all, sites can even be deployed in a mixed mode of local site back office connecting to the home office, or 100% thin client only.

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Cloud Convenience Store Software Simplified with Envoy Cloud

Want to run your convenience store back office software and convenience store accounting software with nothing more than an internet connection? You need Enovy Cloud! The concept of cloud computing is simple: the cloud lets you run computer applications over the Internet, without having to buy, install or manage your own servers and most other infrastructure. You can run your application with nothing more than an Internet connection. Applications, operating systems, servers and most network switches all reside out of sight within the cloud and are managed by a service provider.

To bring this type of service option to our customers DataMax has designed Envoy Cloud – a full Envoy Retail along with Envoy Accounting provided via the cloud. Not a stripped down ‘lite’ version, but a full Envoy Retail installation with all features intact, along with our newest edition to the Envoy family - Envoy Accounting. Envoy Cloud was designed from the ground up to fully leverage and embrace the software-as-a service (“SaaS”) model and take full advantage of rich internet application features.

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A New Way of Doing Business

Cloud computing differs from conventional software delivery in a number of ways. That is not to say it is always a better model than conventional on-site installations, because it is not, but it is a different model and as such does have some unique advantages. Some of those advantages are:

You can be up and running with Envoy Cloud on a local or global scale rapidly due to the ability to load largely pre-configured system configurations.
Envoy cloud adjusts to your performance needs, dynamically assigning server cycles whenever and wherever you need them automatically.
Envoy Retail is used in more MOC owned or operated sites, in more countries, than any other convenience retailing back office software on the market today. Envoy Cloud is Envoy Retail hosted in the cloud. Use what they big guys use. Envoy is not a “similar” application to what the big guys use – Envoy is the application the big guys use.
After initial installation fees which includes training and system configuration you pay as you go on a monthly fee basis. A flat fee each month covers server use, data storage, software use, technical support, software upgrades, hardware upgrades, and hardware maintenance.
We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to service availability. Most providers tout up time, but not many will put it in writing.
Start small with a few stores and add stores as required. Envoy Cloud grows with you as you need and when you need.
Envoy Cloud software upgrades, hardware upgrades, maintenance, and system administration take place in the cloud and are managed by the DataMax and not your staff.
Envoy Cloud users have access to a complete ‘how to’ video library which can be reviewed as many times as required in in many cases can be used to train new employees.
Envoy Cloud is designed from the ground up to leverage the latest technologies.
For many companies, the level of security, availability, disaster recovery, and data back-up provided by Envoy Cloud far exceeds that which they can provide themselves.
Envoy Cloud is "always on," making it easy to grow your business and support remote locations, or support a highly mobile management team, because people can access the cloud any time, day or night, from any around the globe, 24x7
Back to Running Your Business

Best of all, Envoy Cloud lets you focus on your business rather than on your back office software. You don't have to use valuable resources to keep your back office system running. Instead, DataMax manages Envoy Cloud for you allowing you to focus on your strategic business initiatives.

DataMax manages scalability, security, up time, application maintenance, and system upgrades while you run your business. And you can be confident in taking your business into new regions, or even global, without outgrowing your cloud computing resources, thanks to the world-class datacenters DataMax provides.

Sounds great – does cloud computing work for everyone?

The short answer is ‘yes’, even when you consider those wanting a 'private cloud' or those who do not wish to contract with a service provider for such services. Cloud computing in general can work for everyone – even those wanting complete control of software installed on their own systems.

Those companies with staffing and wishing to have absolute control over their servers, maintenance, upgrades, etc. can easily deploy Envoy Cloud in a self –hosted private cloud environment. Same feature set, but you have 100% control of every aspect of your installation.

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Envoy Cloud Released
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