Multi-Store Operators Requiring Full Control of Stores From HQ

Envoy Retail ("ER") is a convenience store back office software solution designed specifically with convenience retailers in mind and works with virtually any POS. Envoy Retail is designed to centrally control every aspect of retail operations from a home office while automating the daily books and store paperwork / store management operations. Envoy Retail supports advanced features like the industry leading price book with advanced promotions manager, automated suggested reordering, EDI ordering and receiving, rules based user defined exception notifications and reporting, user defined store daily task list, drill down reporting, pivot reporting, custom report designer, automatic POS polling to support real time data, and business intelligence. Envoy Retail does it all while providing anywhere access via the web. Envoy Retail is also highly configurable in order to address the unique needs and business models of each customer. Envoy Retail is truly an enterprise class convenience store software solution with installations in over 50 countries.

Envoy Retail and Envoy Accounting Delivered in a Cloud Environment

Envoy Cloud ("EC") is Envoy Retail and Envoy Accounting offered in a software-as-a-service ("SaaS") delivery model via the Cloud. All the same great features of our Envoy Retail c-store back office software and Envoy Accounting hosted in DataMax's datacenter. Envoy Cloud is not a 'lite' version. It is a full and complete feature set of one of the most powerful, feature rich, and globally deployed retail convenience store back office software solutions on the market today AND full accounting to grow with your as your company grows. All you need is an internet connection and you are set to use this thin client option.

Store Operators Not Requiring Full Control of Stores From HQ

Smaller convenience store owners have for years overwhelmingly endorsed the Storeworks Back Office System as an industry leader in single store and small chain convenience store back office software solutions. Small chains which do not require complete central office control, but still require centralized price book and centralized reporting may also add Storeworks HOS to accomplish both goals. Storeworks also interfaces with virtually any POS. Find out how you can own the leading small operator convenience store back office software today!

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