Convenience Store Retail Management

DataMax back office software is a comprehensive suite of modules that give convenience retailers centralized control over every aspect of their day-to-day retail operations. Our c-store management products eliminate the need to run separate retail applications, as our back office software combines:

  • Inventory management
  • Merchandise and fuel sales
  • Vendor management
  • Price Book
  • Accounting
  • Business intelligence
  • Retail site management

Our convenience store retail management features are incredibly flexible and robust. With 20+ years of experience in the development of c-store software, our team understands the unique needs of this industry. Having done over 30,000 installs across 55+ countries, we have met and collaborated with a number of c-store owners and managers. We are constantly refining and improving our programs based on the insightful feedback from our clients. Years of listening to the needs of our customers has enabled us to develop customized software that is uniquely tailored to address the specific challenges of this rapidly evolving market.

C-Store Retail Management Features

Our software is an end-to-end solution that provides c-store retailers with advanced tools to streamline business operations while maximizing profitability. As a highly trusted name in the industry, DataMax group has helped thousands of c-stores power their entire retail business, reach and exceed their financial goals and deliver the utmost service to their customers.

Our convenience store retail management features are adaptable to convenience stores of any size. From single-site stores to global chains, our custom solutions give convenience retailers a competitive edge, allowing them to out-service the competition in today’s hyper-competitive c-store retail environment.

Some highlights of our convenience store retail management modules include:

  • Automatic polling of retail sites
  • Accomodation for both company operated and dealer operated stores
  • Interfaces with over 20 of the most prominent POS devices like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Allows for the creation of user-defined store groups for advanced reporting and price changes
  • Stores can be organized using a geographic or Corporate hierarchy
  • Reusable templates can be quickly and easily copied for item prices, item costs and fuel setup across stores
  • Characteristic Codes can easily be created and assigned to to UPC/PLU items and stores (for instance, age, hours, coupons, food stamps, etc.)
  • Hand held scanner technology enables receiving of merchandise, inventory adjustments and physical counts
  • Easily transfer inventory from store to store
  • Sales can be tracked by day or by shift
  • Complete day-end and shift by shift reconciliation
  • Create user defined payment types/methods
  • Limitless user defined payins and payouts
  • Links "Payment from Till" deliveries from POS to DSD
  • End of day close tolerances for each store can be defined at Headquarters Office

This is just a sampling of what our software offers in terms of c-store retail management. For a more in-depth look at our back office software products, please visit our information request page now to schedule a live demo.

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