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There is a lot of work that goes into running a store, and convenience stores present a unique set of challenges. Today, most convenience stores have evolved from gas stations that happen to sell food into restaurants or grocery stores that happen to sell gas.

As consumer needs continue to change and convenience store competition grows fiercer, many convenience retailers are finding themselves in an adapt-or-die position. The pressure to add more fresh food options and customize their C store offerings comes with additional pricing challenges and complexities.

Add all of this onto an already volatile and unpredictable market, and managing convenience store daily operations can quickly feel overwhelming. The workflow of a C store ebbs and flows, picking up during certain times of the day or seemingly during certain times of the year. In order to manage the type of inventory that needs to stock your shelves, specialized convenience store back office software that caters to retailers is a must.

Datamax Gas Station Management Software

Price Book Software for C Stores

Back office software is a type of program used by organizations to manage, organize and control back-end operations. That is, tasks such as convenience store inventory control, resource planning and managing the whole supply chain that keeps the supplier-retailer-customer relationship going.

One of the biggest aspects of running the back office is price control and management, specifically of products that reside in the store itself. Without an organized system to track and control the prices in the store, there's no way to be sure that you’re attaining the highest margins possible for each product in your store.

This is where convenience store price book software comes into play. Price book software gives store owners complete control over retail prices, while automating pricing complexities like sales promotions, mix and match, 2-for-1 and combos. Convenience store price book software enables you to standardize pricing across stores and automate margins based on custom rules or set criteria. The software does the math for you to ensure your C store is achieving optimal margins and reaching your profit goals in the most logistical manner.

Envoy Retail and Storeworks

Convenience Store Price Book Module

DataMax Group back office software includes a number of powerful features for the C store back office, including price book management. Our solutions help convenience stores of all sizes establish operational efficiency through advanced pricing systems.

Envoy Retail is an entire enterprise class back-end office suite which includes price book. The price book module is comprised of a powerful system that allows any C store owner to maintain full control over their pricing system. Some of Envoy Retail's price book features include:

  • Complete Central Office Price Book
  • Price Book Wizard
  • Control for Price Changes by UPC, PLU and more
  • Price Maintenance
  • Time-Sensitive Price Changes
  • Promotion Management
  • Detailed Exception Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management - including QSR, Fuel, and Lottery
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Electronic Receiving

Storeworks is our industry leading back office software for small chains and single stores. It has many of the features of Envoy Retail, but scaled down for the smaller retailer. The program’s robust price book module is one of the reasons why this system is overwhelmingly endorsed by smaller C store owners.

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In order to optimize profit margins and run a financially and operationally sound convenience store, reliable price book software is crucial. Call (800) 266-1806 now or visit our information request page to sign up for a software demo and explore our convenience store price book software features in depth.

Convenience Store Price Book

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