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Running a convenience store can be tricky. Every year the industry grows more and more complex as competition in the c-store sector heats up. Convenience retailers vying for a competitive edge are looking to add newer and more stable income streams to their business. The days of simply selling snacks and gas are disappearing as c-stores work to meet consumer demand by adding new components to their stores. In addition to mainstream snack foods, many c-stores now offer fresh food options like breakfast sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, iced smoothies, custom coffee bars and much more. Many of today’s larger convenience stores even have fast food chain restaurants built directly into the establishment.

As c-stores continue to evolve from gas stations that happen to sell snacks and drinks into food retailers that happen to sell gas, new challenges emerge. The pressure to add more high-revenue food service products also puts additional pressure on the back-office to effectively streamline and manage these new operational costs.

More products and services mean more items to account for and profit margins to monitor. In order to evolve and grow with the changing market, c-stores must ensure that their back office is well equipped to deal with the new intricacies and pricing complexities that accompany this new era. Moreover, when evaluating back office software, convenience retailers in particular should look for robust c-store price book software features to help run their daily operations as efficiently and as accurately as possible.

DataMax Group Back Office Software & Price Book Solutions

A good back office software program is the backbone of your c-store. If it is not strong, your business won’t be either. In earlier days, the “back office” was mainly associated with financials, billing and inventory. Today however, back office software represents a crucial part of the overall operation of just about every business and store. Back office software is responsible for keeping a company’s records in order, including sales, purchases, client transactions, inventory, vendors and much more. It also creates essential documentation like invoices, receipts and business reports.

C-store price book software is perhaps one of the most integral features of convenience store back office software. DataMax Group’s software for c-stores has a robust set of built-in features designed for managing pricing and transactions specific to convenience stores and petroleum retailers. Our price book wizard makes retail price and supplier cost changes a hassle-free process. With DataMax c-store price book software, you have complete central office control, allowing you to control which items, vendors and prices go to which stores, along with how much or how little each user can access by store.

The pricebook module features advanced user defined promotions along with unlimited promotion types including:

  • Combos
  • 2 for 1
  • Mix/ match
  • Buy quantity X get quantity Y free
  • Buy X or Y, get Z free

DataMax c-store price book software features an easy to navigate interface that enables price changes by UPC, PLU, SKU, Combo Products and by UOM (Units of Measure). Prices can be maintained by user defined cost/price groups, inventory levels and store groups. The software comes with a number of other advanced pricing capabilities such as date and time-based price changes, including happy hour pricing.

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