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Case Study: Temp-Stop

Overall Margins Have Increased by 1.3% in One Year

  • 1 February 2016
  • Author: Abbey
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Case Study: Temp-Stop


Temp-Stop, LLC, is a chain of convenience stores based out of Lee's Summit, Missouri extending Southward toward the Ozark Mountains. They currently have 11 store locations and they are expanding every year. Prior to DataMax, Temp-Stop was scanning only 50 percent of their products, but as they continued growing into different markets, they found that their existing system could not handle the multiple vendors with varying costs, and varying retails for the many different regions. Another concern was communications—they really wanted high quality store-to-home-office communications as well as POS-to-back-office communications.

Lastly, Temp-Stop wanted to keep monthly maintenance costs low and work with something that would seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and hardware.


In 2013, Temp-Stop selected DataMax’s Envoy Retail as their Back Office software solution. "Several reasons played into our decision", says Terry Green, President of Temp-Stop. "Envoy was implemented because it was software that met all of our requirements -- accessibility of data, low maintenance costs, easy communications, and ability to handle multiple vendors, costs, and locations."

DataMax’s team of professionals, whose diligence and responsiveness was noted by the Temp-Stop team, worked closely with Temp-Stop over the next 90-days to implement Envoy, migrate it to their existing environment, and train the team on its capabilities.


When Temp-Stop reached the one-year mark of going live with Envoy, Terry states that Envoy had “handled the multiple vendors, markets, and locations with ease. In that short time, our overall margins have increased 1.3%, with the exception of tobacco (in which Temp-Stop resides in very competitive markets) where margins have increased .7%." In addition, store managers have discovered a new feature that Envoy offers that they never knew they needed, the Envoy day-end workflow with Exception based alerts. These allow store managers to easily process their daily paperwork, and capturing all their sales data quickly and easily. “Once your data is organized and properly set up, daily operations are a breeze,” says Terry.


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