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Case Study: American Natural

American Natural Implements DataMax's Envoy Back Office Software

  • 22 July 2015
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Case Study: American Natural


American Natural is a provider of traditional fuels along with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and has offices in New York, Pittsburgh and West Mifflin, PA. In early 2013, The company was looking to address challenges it had identified with running only on department-level inventory management provided by their back office software. This created overstocking on some products, and under stocking on others. Both vendor control and item-level management were areas of improvement sought by American Natural.

“We needed a retail management software solution that truly lives between the POS system, and our ERP,” said Heath Flowers Sr. Vice President of Technology & Business Development for American Natural.

Another concern was American Natural’s desire to have their own database in-house, allowing them the ability to have information kept private on their own server. This would also allow them to implement security and access to their store information under their own specific rules, as well as the ability to integrate their data with custom, in-house built systems.


After a long and exhaustive search of software alternatives available in the market, American Natural selected DataMax’s Envoy as their back office software solution. Due to Envoy’s ability to integrate seamlessly with almost any other system, American Natural selected Envoy as their preferred convenience store retail management system. The implementation was smooth and DataMax professionals were with them every step of the way. “I always get a prompt response,” said Heath. “The support team will dig to the root cause.”


After a short 60-day implementation, American Natural experienced better inventory control and re-ordering abilities. Within 6-months, American Natural had improved overstocking and was able to successfully identify shrink. In addition, American Natural was able to gain an overall new level of control by utilizing item-level inventories on all items, including recipes.

One of their favorite features that helped them improve operations was the ability to build upon the Envoy database. “What I like best is the fact that the database lives on my own server and I have access to it. I am a programmer, and with access to the database, I have been able to essentially weld our ERP to Envoy, which allows our back office team to be more efficient (and manage more stores), with little effort,” said Heath.

American Natural also enjoys the ability to data mine specific information, and feed the ERP seamlessly after learning the database structure. When asked if he would recommend Envoy Heath responded, “I have already recommended Envoy to several other convenience store chains and prospective customers of DataMax.”


Convenience retailers, whether large or small, can leverage Envoy to meet almost any back office software need they have. Envoy will help streamline business processes, identify shrink, automate business processes such as item reordering and vendor management. DataMax’s team will help implement the best solution for your store and your needs, and they will be there every step of the way to implement, troubleshoot, and dig to root causes quickly to keep your business running smoothly and reach maximum profits.


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