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DataMax Releases Latest Version of Envoy Retail

Envoy 8 Includes New Features To Help Convenience Retailers Work Smarter, Not Harder.

  • 13 November 2014
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Round Rock, TX – USA – November 12, 2014—Today DataMax Group, Inc., a leading provider of convenience store back office software and convenience store retail management software, announced the release of the latest version of their Envoy Retail back office software, Envoy 8. The new capabilities of the software will provide retailers with more tools than ever to help maximize profits and streamline store operations.

“Envoy needed a technology face lift,” said Lee Pennington, President and CEO of DataMax. “The technology we were using had fallen behind, and we needed to do better for our customers. We chose a technology stack and application architecture, then we converted our development process from Waterfall to Extreme Agile to better address our customer’s need for rapid change. It was tough on our development team, very tough. Many long nights and difficult days ensued. This project was a ‘must do – cannot fail’ for our company if we were to continue to serve our customers. Today, I am thrilled to say we have the new Envoy – Envoy 8. Not only does it encapsulate all business rules of prior Envoy products, it also adds new features and business rules, as well as provides a future proof platform for the rapid and constant change today’s convenience store management teams require.”

DataMax’s convenience store back office software has brought success to some of the largest oil companies in the world, as well as single site users. Through the constant evolution of its software capabilities, DataMax has always remained one step ahead of the rapidly-advancing markets of fuel and merchandise retailing. DataMax also makes the process of implementing their solutions extremely simple through it’s proven ‘blue print and build’ process. This is also coupled with the software’s ability to easily integrate with devices and other existing software on a plug and play basis.

Envoy 8 represents the latest iteration of our world-class convenience store retail management software. It provides full life cycle support for both dry and wet stock management as well as accompanying requisite features such as Price Book, Accounting / Daily Book, Analysis /BI. This new version leverages the latest technology to focus on better integration of data sources, faster processing speeds and a completely new and innovative set of marketing tools in a new Advanced Promotions Manager module,” said Peter Jackson, VP of Engineering at DataMax.

Envoy 8’s new platform will allow convenience store owners to focus on real-time store activity with quick and customizable sales data analysis, which can also be used to structure targeted sales with the new Advanced Promotion Manager module and Price Book.
Also, to reach more of your customers and promote specific items in store, Envoy 8 has the ability to push your specials and select pricing through your store social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

With the increasing importance of understanding and analyzing Big Data to maximize profits, Envoy 8 helps simplify this process. Included in Envoy 8 is a full suite of analysis tools based on pivot grids and on-demand graphing as well as canned and user-definable reports. Analysis can all be done from a central headquarters control point for all aspects of the entire retail operation.

Other new capabilities of the Envoy 8 include:
- User defined KPIs
- User defined Dashboards
- User defined reports – system wide and personal
- Ability to rapidly integrate with modern technology
- Tight controls for operations via work flow
- Advanced Food service and recipe management with ingredient level inventory tracking
- Physical inventory tracking and reporting by item
- Multi-language, currency and tax
- Ability to control allowable variances through defined exceptions

“Envoy 8 is a significant and profound change for DataMax and our customers,” Pennington said. “Our customers required such a platform, given their global diversity and ever-changing needs. We see the evolution of convenience retailing through the eyes of customers in over 50 countries. Changes can be quick and drastic as markets evolve. We needed to be able to better respond to our customers needs. Converting Envoy to the latest Microsoft .Net technologies with a SQL Server backend data center gives us that ability to respond to change quickly. DataMax has a saying we use both internally and externally on our projects: ‘Change is good’. This ‘change’ of Envoy has truly been good for our customers.”

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For over 20 years, DataMax Group, Inc. has focused on providing innovative and comprehensive software solutions and support services to the convenience retailing and petroleum industries.
With over 28,000 sites installed in over 50 countries, DataMax has proven to create the best ROI for conveniences store, whether it is a global chain or single site. DataMax has offices in Round Rock, Texas; Montreal, Canada; Bangkok, Thailand; and Silsoe, United Kingdom. To learn more about DataMax or request a software demo, visit or Contact DataMax Sales at +1 (512) 246-4022 or


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