• Envoy Accounting
    Gas Station Accounting Software Designed to Grow With Your Business
    Envoy Accounting ("EA") is the latest addition to our Envoy suite of products. It is a full
    Accounting / ERP solution with all the features you would expect, and it is 100% web
    based. EA was designed specifically with advanced retailing operations in mind, but also
    works in virtually any accounting scenario. Check out the EA features and see for yourself.
  • Envoy Retail
    Enterprise Class Convenience Store Back Office Software
    Envoy v8 is the latest version of our Envoy Retail convenience store back office software.
    This software is designed specifically for convenience retailers and their unique industry
    requirements. Envoy Retail works with virtually any POS and is designed to centrally
    control every aspect of operations. See how you can work smarter, not harder!
  • Storeworks
    The Power of Simplicity
    Smaller convenience store owners have overwhelmingly endorsed Storeworks Back Office
    System as an industry leader in single store and small chain back office software solutions.
    Small chains which do not require complete central office control, but still require
    centralized price book and centralized reporting may also add Storeworks HOS to
    accomplish both goals.
  • Envoy Cloud
    Global Chain Operators to Single Site Operators
    Envoy Cloud is Envoy Retail and Envoy Accounting offered in a software-as-a-service,
    ("SaaS") delivery model. All the same great features, but hosted on DataMax servers.
    Envoy Cloud is not a 'lite' version. It is a full feature set of one of the most powerful and
    globally deployed convenience store back office and accounting/ERP systems on the
    market today.

Convenience Store Software & Back Office Solutions

For more than 20 years, DataMax, Inc. has been a leader in easy­ to ­use C Store back office software and professional services. Our scalable solutions are used and trusted by everyone from single store operators all the way to some of the largest gas station and convenience store companies in the world. By dedicating ourselves to providing innovative convenience store software, we are truly helping businesses run more efficiently. Take a moment to browse our in ­store and cloud­ based solutions for fuel station, gas station software and convenience store back office management software. 

Scalable Convenience Store Accounting & Retail Solutions

DataMax’s Envoy suite and Storeworks make convenience store management easy for everyone from those wondering how to start a convenience store to major fuel and gas station operators. With Envoy Accounting, the newest addition to the Envoy suite, DataMax provides convenience store retailers with a simple way to control all of their accounting operations anywhere, anytime. Check out Envoy Accounting today ­ Request a FREE, no­ obligation demo of our C Store accounting software

A convenience store retailer’s dream, Envoy Retail streamlines back office operations by automating recurring tasks like ordering, reporting and daily task sheets. It is the leading C Store back office software and can be found simplifying store management in over 50 countries. For easy fuel inventory and management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, daily books, employee time clocks and much more, request a demo of Envoy Retail by DataMax. Request a quote for this incredible petrol station management system today! 

DataMax’s Storeworks is an industry leader for single store and small chain back office software for gas stations and convenience stores. Storeworks is perfect for those who want centralized price books and reporting, but don’t necessarily need total central office control. 

Not everyone wants to purchase, install and manage their own servers. That’s where Envoy Cloud stands above the rest. With Envoy Cloud, you have access to the entire, full­ featured Envoy suite over the internet. Even convenience store operators who do have their own servers can deploy Envoy Cloud via their private hosting. Cloud­ based convenience store software is available whenever and wherever you need it. 

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Interested in DataMax Convenience Store Back Office Software? Learn more about Envoy Accounting, Retail, Cloud and Storeworks today! Prefer to speak to someone directly? You can call us at (800) 266-1806.

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DataMax Convenience Store Software

Leading the Industry in Convenience Store Software

The right convenience store and gas station software makes it easy to work smarter, not harder. DataMax's Envoy Accounting, Envoy Retail, Envoy Cloud and Storeworks are trusted by thousands of convenience retailers worldwide. We make it easy to automate petrol station and convenience store daily operations, gain tighter control over inventory management, eliminate inefficient manual tasks and increase efficiency in the complex management of fuel operations.

You work hard and at the end of the day, you deserve peace of mind knowing that every dollar and item in your store is accounted for. At DataMax, we believe you deserve even more than that. We endeavor to help our clients feel prosperous and successful at the end of every day. Our gas station software is designed to empower convenience retailers to create a more profitable and efficient work­flow environment that drives increased sales while reducing operational costs.

Our Back Office Software

20 Years of C Store and Gas Station Software

With over 20 years of experience in back office software development for convenience stores, petroleum retailing, service stations and general retailing industries, our C Store back office software is fine ­tuned to give our clients a competitive edge in today's aggressive convenience retailing market.

Our team of experienced industry professionals are constantly modifying and enhancing our products based on customer feedback. Through the insight gained from years of listening to our clients’ needs, DataMax is able to continually deliver advanced features that create greater business growth opportunities for our loyal customer base. Learn more about DataMax today!

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Top Convenience Store Software
Back Office Convenience Store Software by DataMax

Streamlined C Store Management

Our convenience store software provides a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your gas station and C Store in one centralized location, including:

  • Price Book and Promotions
  • Inventory Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Daily Book / Shift Reconciliation
  • Deli / QSR / Restaurant
  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • Full Financial Accounting - GL, AR, AP, FA, PR, JC, BR, WH, MRP, CRM, BI
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Top Convenience Store Software in Over 55 Countries

Envoy Retail and Storeworks is convenience store software specifically designed around how retailers run their businesses. Each day we work hard to build solutions our customers will benefit from.

The latest edition to our Envoy product line is Envoy Accounting, a full featured web based accounting / ERP system. We spent years building this system and it shows. 100% web based and built on the latest technology. All the features you would expect are included in this accounting software. Envoy Accounting works seamlessly with Envoy Retail, and can work on a stand alone basis with options to import transactions from any other system via its WebAPI.

Our gas station back office software and accounting software is highly configurable to meet the unique needs and business models of every customer. Each module is expertly designed to track and analyze data at very granular levels, giving you access to the information you need to make smarter business decisions.

With installation of over 30,000 sites across 55+ countries, we have seen it all. This intuitive understanding of the industry and its growing technological needs shows in the quality of our automation solutions.

Whether you run a global chain of convenience stores or a single C Store, we have software solutions to meet your unique needs. Explore our products Envoy Retail, Envoy Cloud, Envoy Accounting, and Storeworks for a more in­ depth look at the features which can benefit your company.

If you are already familiar with our products and would like more information, or would just like to request a demo, please visit our information request page. Let us show you how our products can make your business more profitable today!

C Store and Convenience Store Software